When we started exploring the field of coolers, we were surprised by the lack of progress and innovation. The market was dominated by oversized boxes made from nasty materials and outdated thinking. 

Our mission is to develop groundbreaking technology that helps solve environmental challenges instead of creating new ones.

Being problem solvers at heart, and eyeing an opportunity to do our part in moving the world forward, we started studying light-weight materials and high-tech insulation systems. We calculated thermal equations and built prototypes, failed and learned, finally creating what we are now ready to share with the world: Oyster - the world’s first performance cooler. 

And it’s 100% recyclable.  

Norway is known for its natural beauty and abundant natural resources, and right in the middle of it all lies the city of Raufoss. Hydro-powered and filled to the brim with aluminum know-how, amazing craftsmen, and a rare can-do spirit made it the perfect home for our technology and manufacturing facilities. 

We left nothing on the table. Making the combined latch and hinge soft enough, but not too soft, and getting the seal just right, but not too tight, was a lot harder in real life than on paper. But to us, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

Our hope is to inspire others to challenge the status quo and see a world of opportunity at the intersection of technology, adventure and the environment.

Through everything we have done to get to where we are, we have learned that the world really is your Oyster.